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The roofing membranes

The TPD company presents scopes of waterproofing and heat-insulating works performed in the industrial, public, state-owned and historic facilities.

General contracting for waterproofing of the roofs and terraces:

  • in roofing membranes system that generates the Evalon Solar electricity
  • in roofing membranes system Epdm Resitrix , Firestone
  • in standard membranes system PVC Rhenofol, Rhepanol, Vaeplan, Alwitra, Flagon, Sikaplan, Bauder Termofol, Icopal Monarplan,
  • in waterproofing systems produced on the basis of liquid plastic: Triflex Protect, Triflex ProDetail, Triflex ProThan
  • in thermo-weldable roofing paper system Bauder, Icopal, Busscher&Hoffmann

General contracting for heat-insulating works:

  • in system of mechanical installation of the Rockwool panels
  • in system of loose-lay styrodur Roofmate , Ravatherm and Rockwool panel

Structural strengthening (tightening) and sealing of the skylights (domes) according to the elaborated detailed design.

Orders concerning :

  • performance of machining operations on atypical elements of the roofing ( for example baluster’s bases in the historic facilities), hall roof flume flyleaf, roof inlets replacement (for example Dallmer), localization and elimination of the leak, snow clearing, washing of roofs covered with membrane.

Roofs made by TPD include:

  • preparation of the technical documentation after completion of work
  • supervision of the material manufacturer technical department
  • 10 years of the warranty period
  • free technical inspection